WOWindow Posters® Light Up Your World!

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With WOWindow Posters®, you can create a decorative display that really sticks. These window posters come in high-quality designs and are simple to install. The posters look great on their own, but the real show begins when you switch on the lights in your home. The designs catch the light and take on an illuminated look when backlit, creating dazzling effects that will leave onlookers awestruck.

Choose your favorite designs for Christmas, Halloween, or Hanukkah. Proudly display a flag on the Fourth of July or simply enjoy some of your favorite licensed characters. Our Collegiate window posters feature some of the most popular universities in the country.

Designs for Every Household

Imagine the thrill of seeing a pair of glowing eyes or a spooky specter on Halloween. Light up a Christmas tree or celebrate Hanukkah with a peel-away candle menorah. Our patriotic and licensed designs will help you celebrate special events and holidays. Collegiate sports fans can enjoy supporting their teams with the WOWindow Posters® collection of licensed team logo posters. With popular logo posters representing favorite teams such as the Michigan Wolverines, Texas Longhorns, and Ohio State Buckeyes, your game day decorating is sure to inspire victory.